Prep Your Home For The Holidays With Area Rug Cleaning

Nov 14, 2019 | Uncategorized

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The fall season is always an exciting time of year but it can be very busy as well. The holidays are right around the corner so, in preparation, the to-do list is probably growing longer each day. Getting your home ready to host friends and family for upcoming parties usually takes up most of that list. From perfectly decorating the house to rearranging the furniture in order to open up your space, there are some important tasks in preparing for everybody’s favorite time of year.

Having your area rugs cleaned is likely not very high on the list. Ironically, having one’s area rugs cleaned is usually a job that is “swept under the rug” and forgotten about.

Bring back the original beauty of your area rugs

The right area rug can really tie a room all together.  Finding the right one can be difficult but once you do, it can be even more difficult to keep it looking nice.  Regular wear and tear can lead to stains, faded colors, and matted down fibers.

Professional rug cleaning can work wonders on your favorite area rug. When done right, cleaning your rug can bring back it’s original beauty. Lifting unsightly stains and restoring the colors and textures that made you fall in love with your rug, to begin with.

Add some protection to your favorite area rug

The primary purpose of using a rug cleaning service is obviously to remove any stains or spills. With CJ’s Chem-Dry you can also prevent future stains! Part of the holiday season is the cold weather that comes with it. Increased foot traffic brings the snow, mud, and salt from the winter roads into your home. With a proprietary stain protectant used in the rug cleaning process, you can prepare for the worst winter has to offer.

You can rest assured that your rugs will look and feel great, and your family will be healthy and happy because the entire process is green-certified to be safe for kids, pets, and the environment.

Rug Cleaning In Anoka And Hennepin Counties 

If area rug cleaning seems like just another task on your growing list of to-do’s, enlist the help of CJ’s Chem-Dry! We can take care of area rug cleaning for you and get your home in pristine shape for the holidays—all at a price you can afford. 

Whether having your rugs cleaned is first on your to-do list or not even on there, CJ’s Chem-Dry is here to make your holiday preparations a little easier. Make this holiday season one to remember by impressing your guests without breaking the bank.

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