FAQ: How Do I Get My Home Ready For A Carpet Cleaning Appointment?As your top choice for carpet cleaning in Maple Grove, MN, we do our part to make sure your cleaning appointment goes smoothly, but there are a few things you can do to prepare for your appointment as well. When you follow the steps below it helps our process run effectively and helps you’ll get the most out of your cleaning appointment!

Coordinate Parking

Our technicians need to move heavy equipment, and it is much easier to maneuver this equipment if we can park as close to your front door as possible. So, we greatly appreciate it when customers move any cars that could block us from parking or carrying equipment.

Move Small Furniture and Other Items

Large pieces of furniture can remain on the carpet, but light-weight or easily movable pieces of furniture should be moved before we arrive. We also ask that you pick up any items that are covering your carpet like toys, shoes, or decorative items. We also recommend moving any fragile items like heirlooms or valuables. Our team that performs carpet cleaning in Maple Grove, MN is the very best at what they do, but ensuring your carpet is clear of clutter and most furniture helps us clean the entire surface of your carpet and it eliminates tripping hazards.

Keep an Eye Out For Stains

Once you’ve removed furniture and clutter and can see the entire surface of your carpet, take a careful look at your carpet for any stains or problem areas your notice. When our carpet cleaners arrive, you can point these spots out to us and we can perform an even deeper cleaning or spot treatment in these areas.

Put Pets in Another Room

As much as we love dogs and cats, it can be difficult to clean when they are sniffing around or jumping on our technicians so we appreciate it when customers put their pets in another room or outside before we arrive.

Ready for Your Cleaning Appointment?

We are proud to be your top choice for carpet cleaning in Maple Grove, MN,  and you can trust us to take care of your carpet with care and precision! We trust our customers to prepare for their cleaning appointments to get the very most out of our services, and we look forward to serving you!

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