Carpet Cleaning Experts Explain Carpet Shedding

Jun 1, 2023 | Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning carpet with a vacuum cleaner

Experiencing shedding from your carpet can be discouraging, but rest assured that you’re not alone in this concern. Whether you have a new carpet that sheds or an older one that starts to shed after years of use, our carpet cleaners are here to help. We can shed some light on why shedding may occur, particularly in the first few months of owning a new carpet, and provide you with practical tips to help prevent shedding from happening in the future.

When is Carpet Shedding Normal?

It’s normal for newly-installed carpets to shed a bit in the first few months of their life, especially cut pile carpets with spun yarns, wool, and shag carpeting. While it may be frustrating to see fibers around your home, this initial shedding should not affect the long-term performance or appearance of your carpet. It should start to slow down and eventually stop after a couple of months of use.

If shedding continues to be a problem or resurfaces later on, it could be due to issues with the carpet fibers or their quality. In such cases, contact the manufacturer to address the issue. Moreover, improper care of the carpet may also contribute to shedding. So, it’s important to keep this in mind as a possible factor if you’re worried about persistent shedding problems.

How to Prevent Shedding

Here are some tips for caring for your carpet to prevent shedding and protect its lifespan:

  • Maintain a regular carpet cleaning routine and be gentle when performing it. Use a light touch and avoid using the highest setting on the cleaning machine.
  • Vacuum with the grain of the carpet to avoid excessive wear and tear.
  • Consider using a throw rug in areas of high traffic to extend the lifespan of the carpet and prevent premature shedding.
  • Hire professional carpet cleaners at least twice a year to remove deep-set dirt that can cause friction on delicate fibers. They can also help speed up the initial shedding process by removing loose fibers all at once.

By following these steps, you can help keep your carpet looking its best and prevent shedding from becoming a problem.

How Shedding Affects Rugs

In addition to wall-to-wall carpet, rugs can also shed fibers. This is often a result of the shearing process that occurs after wool and silk rugs are woven. These loose fibers can be removed through careful vacuuming and grooming with a beater brush or horse hair brush. If shedding persists, specialized rug cleaning services from a carpet cleaner can lift away loose fibers and leave your rugs clean and ready for use.

Whether you have a new carpet that is shedding or an older carpet or rug that is starting to show signs of wear, our carpet cleaners can help. Get in touch with the carpet experts at CJ’s Chem-Dry today by calling (763) 862-7862.

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